We are excited to announce that Skylon Software solution Boost for Configuration Manager has been acquired by Cireson, world leaders in Microsoft Cloud and System Center.


The acquisition marks Cireson’s continued commitment and investment to Microsoft System Center, expanding their Service Manager solutions portfolio into the world’s leading Systems Management platform, Configuration Manager.

Skylon Software Founder, Flemming Appelon Christiansen, will be joining the Cireson family. We are looking forward to working together to deliver bleeding-edge solutions to over 125,000+ Configuration Manager customers worldwide.



The Cireson Portal


The Cireson Portal for Microsoft System Center isa web-based experience for any device and any browser, that enhances the user experience, promotes automation, and increases efficiency for both IT professionals and end-users.  With a key focus on solutions for Microsoft Service Manager and Configuration Manager, the Cireson Portal makes your working life ridiculously more productive by enhancing Microsoft Cloud and System Center.  


The Cireson Analyst Portal for Service Manager integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Service Manager, allowing IT teams to manage day-to-day activities. Teams can easily access incidents, changes, service requests, CMBD, and rich reporting on the fly.


Extending automation and further promoting an intuitive, friendly experience, the Cireson Self-Service Portal for Service Manager is a complete replacement of the Microsoft Self-Service Portal for Service Manager. It allows end-users to perform everyday self-service tasks with an easy-to-use, personalized experience. When used in conjunction, the Cireson Portal for Service Manager enables organizations to standardize, automate, and transform their IT department.


The Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager is a web-based experience that enables IT teams to easily perform daily tasks, deliver software packages, perform image deployments, and increase productivity by freeing them from the native Configuration Manager console.



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Skylon Software was founded in 2014, but the expertise and product key stones go back many years.

Boost for Configuration Manager has been around since 2004.